I Trust in KPU

I Trust in KPU

by Muhammad Hamzah

for Al-Markaz for Khudi Enlightening Studies (MAKES)

On April 17, 2019, I voted the future leaders and representatives in the general elections.

One of the reasons behind my participation as a citizen in this general elections is my trust in the election systems and particularly the General Elections Commission or KPU as the organizer.

As the organizer of this year general elections, KPU carries out the general elections transparently. This means that everyone can monitor, watch, and track all of the elections processes both directly and indirectly.

Take the vote counting process as an example. The vote count process is carried out in stages. Starting from the districts level, then regencies or cities, provinces and lastly at the national level.

The process involves representatives of the KPU and General Elections  Supervisory Body (Bawaslu). There are also witnesses from 2019 elections participants. The count progress can be viewed on a website (pemilu2019.kpu.go.id).

Even though frauds conducted by KPU may happen, the system that in place can and will detect the attempts plus there are several watchdogs that will bark at them.

I have no worries.



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