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My name is Hasan. I was born in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. I was born on April 5th, 2003. I am fourteen years old. I live in Makassar. I live at Sudirman Street at number 7.

I am a student of Islamic Boarding School. I am a third grader. My hobbies are reading, singing, watching TV and playing basketball.

I wake up at 4.30 a.m. After waking up, I get up from my bed and go to the shower room. I urinate and then wash my face. Sometimes, I have bowel movement or defecate before washing my face. After that, I make wudu.

I go back to my dorm to put on my clothes for subuh or dawn prayer. After putting my clothes on, I go to masjid for performing subuh prayer in congregation.

After performing subuh prayer, I recite holy Quran and attend roll call. After that, I study Arabic or English, I memorize Quran, hadith, and supplications or dua.

I go to dining room for breakfast at six o clock in the morning. Sometimes, I have breakfast at the cafetaria or I buy food and eat it in the classroom.

After eating breakfast, I go back to my dorm. I take off my praying clothes and wear shorts then take my towel, toothpaste and toothbrush, body soap and shampoo. I bring my toiletries and walk to the shower room.

I take a shower together with my friends at the shower room. After taking a shower, I go back to my dorm and put on my school uniform.

In our dormitory, there is a picket schedule. A picket must clean our dormitory, watch and keep it clean in a whole day.


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